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Discover our next-generation digital hiring platform.

We set out on an ambitious mission to create an innovative digital hiring platform that was fast, effective and fairly priced. Meet Elbo, we think you’ll love it. 

The fastest way to build digital teams, ever.

We’ve created a smart digital hiring platform that allows you to assess the metrics that matter, discover hidden talent and build better teams. A clever mix of innovation, power and simplicity.
elbo The fastest way to build digital teams
elbo The only platform built to grow digital teams

The only platform built to grow digital teams.

Comprising productivity tools, process automation and centralised communications, our advanced features turbocharge the hiring process, from specification and shortlisting to interviews and offers.

The fairest pricing available anywhere.

We believe that pricing should be low, fixed and fair. Unfortunately, when building a high-performing digital team, this is rarely the case. Explore our pricing plans to see which option is best for you.

elbo The fairest pricing available anywhere
elbo Simply the smartest way to build digital teams

Simply the smartest way to build digital teams.

For team builders and team members alike, traditional hiring processes have remained manual, slow and inefficient for too long. At Elbo, we have fixed that. Welcome to future of recruitment.

Having some real science behind our candidate profiling was extremely valuable for us and made our shortlisting decisions much more effective.


Deborah Welby
ERP Technology

Why people love Elbo.

Complete solution

The reach of an online job board. The personal touch of a good recruiter.

Elbo is unique, powerful and personal. Combining active job marketing integrated across all major channels and a fully managed service provided by a team of experts, nothing comes close to Elbo.

elbo The personal touch of a good recruiter why choose us
Powerful platform

The Elbo digital hiring platform was built from the ground up to do just one thing; to build high-performing digital teams fast. Packed with smart tools and technology, Elbo really is the future of digital recruitment.

  • Super fast
  • Highly effective
  • Fairly priced
Experienced team

The team behind Elbo brings together a unique mix of digital delivery experience, deep recruitment expertise and unrivalled technological know-how. We realised digital recruitment was broken. And we fixed it.

  • Industry experts
  • Front-line experience
  • Managed service
Specialist solution

Elbo is the only digital hiring platform designed and built to build cross-functional digital teams that deliver results. There is no other solution that cover the breadth of digital product and transformation roles.

  • Team-building focus
  • Digital-first platform
  • Open architecture

We want every single Elbo employer and candidate to achieve great things in their digital career, and our team strives to help make that goal a reality.

John Bentley

John Bentley
Founder and CEO



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