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Garbage in, garbage out.

Why digital recruitment is broken,
and what we've done to fix it.

Today, we live in a digital world. A world driven by emerging technology and reliant on digital skills. But the world of recruitment has failed to keep up with the pace of change.

Digital skills are in short supply, or are they?

Building digital teams is hard. And hiring the very best digital talent from a sea of mediocre applicants can be a challenge for even the most experienced hiring managers. But you know the perfect candidate is out there – if only you could find them.

  • High-performing teams drive digital transformation
  • Digital skill sets are evolving at an accelerating pace
  • CVs are an unreliable way of assessing capabilities
  • Legacy hiring systems are inflexible and cumbersome
  • Job boards are designed for quantity not quality
elbo Digital skills are in short supply or are they
elbo Manual processes are slow and inefficient
Manual processes are slow and inefficient.

It’s strange. As we work hard to digitise, automate and transform business processes and design, develop and deliver digital products, the systems and processes we use to build our digital teams remain manual, slow and inefficient.

  • Hiring processes are labour-intensive
  • Recruitment resources are in short supply

  • Candidate screening is slow and burdensome
  • Traditional assessment methods are ineffective
  • Specialist recruitment agencies are expensive
Current tools are just not up to the job.

Organisations need digital talent. From nimble technology startups to enterprise-wide transformation initiatives, building high-performing digital teams is now mission critical. But a lack of dedicated tools and digital innovation is hampering this effort.

  • Posting on job boards is highly unpredictable
  • Candidate matching methods are fatally flawed
  • Poorly informed hiring decisions can be very costly
  • Processes are not designed to build digital teams
  • Current tools lack intelligence and automation
elbo Current tools are just not up to the job


Simply the future of digital recruitment.

Assess meaningful metrics

Digital recruitment is broken. Pure and simple. And CVs are an unreliable way of assessing capabilities. But until now there’s been no credible alternative. Here’s how we’ve fixed that.

elbo Assess meaningful metrics
Specialist criteria

Digital skill sets are evolving so fast it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we designed Elbo around the specific criteria needed to find the best technical and delivery talent and make the best hiring decisions.

360-degree profiles

Skills and experience are important. But it takes more than that to get a true representation of each candidate. That’s why we embedded personality reporting and strength assessments at the heart of Elbo.

Intuitive interface

Hiring digital teams is complex. But your digital hiring platform doesn’t have to be. That’s why we made Elbo super easy to use with our intuitive graphic interface and simple point-and-click functionality.

Discover hidden talent

Finding the perfect candidate for your next digital role shouldn’t be based on woolly CVs and guesswork. But the only option available has been the scattergun approach. Here’s how we’ve fixed that.

elbo Discover hidden talent
Unrivalled reach

Reach is important. Even with 360-degree profiles and intelligent targeting, the talent pool needs to be large enough. But not too large. And that’s why Elbo’s job marketing is also integrated with all major channels.

Intelligent targeting

Receiving countless applications can be a headache. Screening them to find the perfect candidate can be a nightmare. But with Elbo’s smart algorithms and automated workflows, shortlisting will be a breeze.

Smarter selection

Garbage in, garbage out. Unless you are assessing the metrics that matter, making great hiring decisions will be hard. But with Elbo’s smart matching technology, you can find the perfect candidate in seconds.

Build better teams

Businesses today rely on high-performing digital teams to create products, implement technology and drive transformation. But building those teams is still a challenge. Here’s how we’ve fixed that.

elbo Build better teams
Digital products

Today, every aspect of modern society is impacted by digital technology one way or another. Elbo helps you find the digital design, development, data and delivery talent you need to make your impact.

Technology projects

Technology projects today are mission-critical. From data migration to legacy system replacement and from healthcare to banking, Elbo helps you build a high-performing digital team that delivers.

Transformation initiatives

Digital transformation programmes are complex and challenging. So, building a high-performing team is crucial for success. Elbo helps you align your hiring strategy with your business priorities and transformation goals.



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