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Why we decided to fix the broken digital hiring system.

Recruitment has failed to keep up with the accelerating pace of business change. It is no longer fit for a world driven by emerging technology and reliant on digital skills.

Born out of experience.

Decades of experience taught us that when it comes to building cross-functional teams that truly deliver, a candidate’s personality and preferences are as important as their skills and work history.

elbo Fighting for fairness

Fighting for fairness.

Traditional hiring practices are inherently unfair. They overlook candidates that would be a perfect match if only they were assessed correctly. Fair pricing for hiring services is fundamentally lacking too.

Dreaming bigger.

Envisioning a world where innovations in digital hiring would lead to dramatic improvements in team performance and an acceleration of business transformation, inspired our bold quest to create Elbo.

elbo Eliminating bias

Eliminating bias.

Making critical hiring decisions using inadequate tools and faulty data makes subconscious bias almost inevitable. Smarter hiring is both faster and fairer. We believe this is the future of digital recruitment.

Elbo was built from real-world experience growing cross-functional, high performing digital teams, fast.

John Bentley

John Bentley
Founder and CEO

Why people love Elbo.

Complete solution

The reach of an online job board. The personal touch of a good recruiter.

Elbo is unique, powerful and personal. Combining active job marketing integrated across all major channels and a fully managed service provided by a team of experts, nothing comes close to Elbo.

elbo The reach of an online job board
Powerful platform

The Elbo digital hiring platform was built from the ground up to do just one thing; to build high-performing digital teams fast. Packed with smart tools and technology, Elbo really is the future of digital recruitment.

  • Super fast
  • Highly effective
  • Fairly priced
Experienced team

The team behind Elbo brings together a unique mix of digital delivery experience, deep recruitment expertise and unrivalled technological know-how. We realised digital recruitment was broken. And we fixed it.

  • Industry experts
  • Front-line experience
  • Managed service
Specialist solution

Elbo is the only digital hiring platform designed and built to build cross-functional digital teams that deliver results. There is no other solution that cover the breadth of digital product and transformation roles.

  • Team-building focus
  • Digital-first platform
  • Open architecture



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