Poor service and expensive fees – why are we all putting up with it?


The recruitment sector’s apathetic approach to innovation.


Technology has fundamentally shifted the way we interact with companies and brands. Instant access to information, quicker response and delivery times, personalised advertising and service – we now expect a consumer-grade experience whether we are purchasing goods and services for personal use, or on behalf of a company.

While some sectors have grasped this opportunity with both hands and invested in new technology, some have hardly adapted at all – the recruitment sector (not to be confused with HR) is a prime example of this apathetic approach to innovation.

Picture the scene. You’re undertaking a large-scale transformation project or technology initiative which will require a multitude of short to medium-term roles and skills from the best tech stars on the market. You’ll need candidates who are available as quickly as possible to deliver the project, as well as individuals who have the right experience, qualities and personality traits to work together as a team. Ideally you want applicants who will espouse and understand the company culture in order to ensure the best and most innovative outcome as well as low attrition within the super-skilled team you’re putting so much effort into building. As any Head of Project Management, CTO or Head of Innovation will tell you, traditional processes do not allow for a seamless recruitment journey.


Why are we putting up with inexperienced recruitment agents and irrelevant candidates?


Inexperienced recruitment agents, irrelevant candidates, hours writing jobs specs and reading CVs – why are we putting up with it? Similarly, why are businesses paying high fees to recruitment agencies instead of offering more competitive packages to attract and retain the best candidates?

Recruitment remains one of the most tricky and expensive parts of successful project or transformation delivery. For example, a contract project manager sourced via a recruitment agency is likely to cost around £20,000 in fees alone.  We also still rely on slow, old fashioned and outdated processes to get the tech talent and skills we need into the business. Here at Elbo we are consistently surprised that in order to deliver the most transformative and disruptive projects, organisations still revert to one of the least innovative and least disruptive business services available – manual sourcing, recruitment agencies and job boards. Interestingly the same inertia is not present once employees are recruited, with HR teams now deploying interesting tech to enhance the employee experience and streamline processes.


It’s time for a seismic shift in approach.


It’s time for a seismic shift in how we approach recruitment, not least because of growing demand to quickly and efficiently recruit top tech talent. Elbo’s technology is designed so organisations can build and post a job in minutes and instantly get a shortlist of three to twenty candidates who are highly relevant, available and have the right skills and personality traits to match the role. Unlike normal recruitment services, employers won’t pay anything for this match until the candidate has been tried and tested plus features like interview scheduling and candidate psychometric testing built-in will make the recruitment process even easier.


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