Hiring in a post-Covid world.


What will normal look like in a post-coronavirus world?


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans to ease the current lockdown, a step which many hope will be the first towards a gradual lifting of restrictions and return to some semblance of normality. But what will normal look like in a post-coronavirus world? Most accept that life as we knew it before the impact of Covid-19 is unlikely to resume quickly. Indeed, there may be permanent changes – both good and bad – as a result of the pandemic.

Opening up access to work and restarting the economy must, or course, be a top priority for any Government focused on reducing the inevitable hardships on businesses, and in turn, individual workers who have been furloughed or even lost their jobs. Employment is clearly a huge concern, with businesses having to make difficult decisions in the interests of survival.

As significant as the Chancellor’s financial support packages may have been, there will undoubtedly be many seeking new employment over the summer months. We expect to see a huge pool of available talent emerging as commercial activity restarts. Businesses should expect a lot of interest in new vacancies as they start rebuilding teams and taking advantage of new opportunities in the market.


The race for talent.


Although it’s impossible to say exactly when recruitment activity will start to ramp up, the need for organisations to source top talent and ensure they are ahead of the curve when it comes to serving customers should be a primary concern. Those who want to survive the current crisis and come out on top when the economy begins to rejuvenate, need the right people in place to respond to demand.

Chances are that during the current lockdown many companies have had to adapt quickly, to enable remote working at scale and reassess their entire business model to identify viable and non-viable areas of operation. With post-Covid strategies in place, the focus will turn to recruitment, especially as the lockdown is lifted and the economy begins to reopen for business.

There is likely to be a vast amount of talent out there over the next few months but, clearly, the usual way of hiring isn’t going to cut it in a post-Covid world. Engaging recruitment agents, waiting weeks for a shortlist, spending hours pouring over CVs – this slow and inefficient process will seem alien to many organisations which have had to adopt new technologies at speed over the last two months. Tech will now also play a key role not just in daily operations and communications, but in finding top hires as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis.


RecTech requirements.


Technology must now enable the hiring process as a necessity rather than an optional extra. Here at Elbo, we believe hiring managers and organisations should be able to significantly cut the time and money spent on recruitment through an end-to-end recruitment process. This includes job builders, instant shortlists, candidate search based on structured data and

complex algorithms, easy interview scheduler, video interviews and offer managers. Even when we return to work, it looks like social distancing is here to stay to organisations must look at smart ways to keep employees safe and hire remotely.

We also believe that cultural fit is as important as qualifications or previous job titles, which is why our platform uses personality traits and psychometric testing as part of the selection process. Candidates need to fit the core values of your company as well as the technical requirements of the job spec.

Now more than ever, businesses are going to need to recruit the right candidates, at speed and for the lowest possible cost if they want to succeed in spite of the impact of covid19. The crisis will, we hope, be the catalyst for more efficient hiring practices, not least because getting the right talent in will be the cornerstone to a strong recovery.


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