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The smarter way to build your digital team.

Because every team member counts.

We understand that teams work best when you find the right mix of skills, experience and personalities. So we created Elbo to build cross-functional teams that get results.


Target experienced business analysts, solution architects and technical designers – from UX to UI


Hire expert software engineers and application developers – from front end to back end


Find seasoned product managers, project managers and programme managers – from agile to kanban


Discover the best data scientists and data professionals – from architecture to engineering


The digital hiring platform you've always dreamed of.


Productivity tools

Elbo is designed to make your life easier. To make better hiring decisions faster than ever before. This is truly the digital hiring platform you’ve always dreamed of.

Productivity tools 3

Control your hiring process, intelligently.

Job builder

Building your job specifications in Elbo couldn’t be easier. We’ve created job templates based on the criteria that really count and an intuitive interface so you can build and edit jobs at the click of a mouse.

  • Simple 5-step process
  • Specialist hiring criteria
  • Intuitive graphical interface
Personality profiling

To build a team that really clicks, personality profiling is a must. That’s why we put strengths at the heart of Elbo’s 360-degree profiles. So you’ll never waste time again interviewing people that just won’t fit in.

  • Smart data-driven selection
  • Personality type specification
  • Psychometric assessment reports
Skills assessment

Job titles are a poor indicator of a candidate’s digital skills and technical expertise. That’s why we created Elbo to simplify the complex mix of qualities and improve candidate matching forever.

  • Skills and sub-skill mapping
  • Cross-functional team assessment
  • Education and proficiency rankings


Process automation

Simply the future of digital recruitment. Elbo is all about process automation and streamlining workflows. We’ve designed and built a digital hiring platform to save you time, effort and money.

Process automation 2
Get high-quality shortlists, in seconds.
Streamlined workflows

The hiring process is slow and labour-intensive. And the tools available today are just not up to the job. That’s why we built the Elbo digital hiring platform to streamline workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks.

  • Internal collaboration
  • Interview scheduling
  • Offer management
Automatic matching

Reviewing countless CVs and cover letters is a real chore. And when you realise that it’s an unreliable way of assessing capabilities, it can be soul destroying. That’s why we built Elbo to automate the screening process.

  • Integrated job marketing
  • Smart screening algorithms
  • Comprehensive match scoring
Instant shortlists

Creating a shortlist can take weeks. Especially for highly specialised digital roles. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Elbo, you can create your shortlist in seconds and update it in real-time.

  • Top-match recommendations
  • 360-degree profile overlays
  • Applicant flow controls


Communications hub

Hiring the best digital talent relies on exceptional collaboration. Elbo’s next-generation recruiting platform allows remote teams to communicate effortlessly throughout the hiring process.

Communications hub
Fast interview scheduling, zero-effort.
Job review workflows

Building digital teams is a team effort. So, effective collaboration is crucial. With Elbo, you can centralise communications with all relevant stakeholders and automate mission-critical hiring workflows.

  • Collaborate across remote teams
  • Align non-technical colleagues
  • Accelerate the hiring process
Remote interviews

Scheduling interviews can involve a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth. But when the candidate’s availability is already captured in Elbo’s comprehensive interview suite, the task couldn’t be simpler.

  • Schedule staged interviews
  • Access online interview rooms
  • Streamline feedback workflows
Offer management

Digital talent can often be in high demand. So when you’re ready to make your offer, you’ll want to make it quick. With Elbo, you can deliver offers straight to the candidate’s mobile phone for an immediate response.

  • Deliver in-app notifications
  • Streamline issue workflows
  • Access negotiation support



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